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From the passion for dance to the realization of dreams

I'm a professional dancer and choreographer with over 20 years of experience in the field. I have judged international dance competitions and am a world champion in multiple dance styles. I've been a professional master for the Italian show Ballando con le Stelle which broadcasts on Rai1. I strive to inspire others to reach their fullest potential in dance and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and love of the art form.

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My Story

I'm Stefano Oradei, an Italian professional dancer with a passion for sport and dance. I studied Sports Science at the University of Rome and have decades of experience teaching dance at a competitive level. I explored different dance styles and won many Italian and international championships. Winner of the 2019 "Exhibition" world championship and the 2023 "Microfono d'oro", I have participated in the most important finals in the world and numerous "Rai" TV programs. I also own two radio broadcasts hosted and created by me. Additionally I've also competed in major competitions such as the Manhattan Dancesport Championship and the Silver Latin Pro Am open competition at the Yankee Classic in Boston.

The event: Volare

If you are passionate about dance and want to watch an exciting and talented show, then the Volare event is for you! As an organizer, I can guarantee you that this will be an unforgettable event, full of extraordinary performances and talented dancers. I have spent years of my life as a professional dancer, representing Sweden and winning championships both nationally and internationally. I have also competed in world renowned races and can confidently say that my talent and experience will shine through in every aspect of organizing this event. Don't miss the chance to see exciting performances live by some of the best dancers in the world. Buy your tickets for the Volare event now!

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